• Catfish like warm water in lakes, ponds and rivers, and are most active during late spring, summer and early fall.
  • Typically fish by casting from the shore, letting your weighted rig sink to the bottom, and snugging up the line.
  • Most good catches occur from dark to midnight, then again during the few hours before daybreak.
  • Catfish feed by both sight and smell. Catfish appear to prefer stink baits.

Tackle & Equipment

Tackle: Any rod and reel combination that can cast out a rig with a 1/2 to 6 oz sinker. Use at least 10 lb monofilament line.

Bait & Rigging

Bait: Fresh clams, nightcrawlers, anchovies, red worms, sardine chunks, and chicken livers.

Hooks: 4 down to 12 (smaller catfish) and 4 up to 8/0 (larger catfish)




Best Bets

Best spots include Lake Anderson, Lake Chabot, and Del Valle Lake. Try Lake Chabot, Del Valle Lake and San Pablo Lake for night fishing. Check with park information for permitted night fishing hours.